The Story of Margaret and Harlan Keigley

Margaret was born in Minneapolis. She and her mom moved to Madrid to help a sick uncle remodel a house he was working on.
She and Harlan met in 1954, married and had a farm-2 miles West and 2 miles North of Madrid. There she ran her ceramic shop. Margaret taught between 40-50 students daily.
They moved to Madrid in 1983 but their 1st purchase in 1978 was the Pittman’s Shoe store (Clay Castle/Doll museum) and the Keigleys bought it for the purpose to house the Odd Fellows Hall because the original hall was on the 2nd floor of a building and it was getting hard for members to go up the stairs. (Harlan and his father were members)
They also rented the building to the Rebekha’s lodge for $20 a month (the Rebekahs got mad when Margaret moved the doll’s /ceramics in and left)
The Keigley's later bought the building to the East of the ceramic shop with the idea of the Library needing to expend and move out of city hall into the West half and starting a museum in the East half and the Madrid Historical Society was formed.
During the Centennial Year a temporary coal mine was put into the basement of the Perrier grocery story. Margaret offered the basement for a pernament exhibition. The Keigley Foundation was formed for ownership of the 2 buildings.